The World’s Largest Bitcoin Conference Returns to Miami for 2022

After the success of Bitcoin 2021, the event organizers needed a larger area for the upcoming year’s conference. The 2021 Bitcoin conference was held at Mana Wynwood, Miami; it successfully drew more than 12,000 investors and financial technology leaders from all over the world. Attendees of the Bitcoin 2021 event invested around $3.3 million in the local economic impact. However, next year the number of attendees is expected to be around 30,000 according to multiple reliable sources. Read on to learn more about the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, 2022.

Bitcoin Miami Beach

Bitcoin Conference 2021 | How It Changed the World

Renowned today as the largest Bitcoin Conference of the year 2021, the Miami Beach Bitcoin 2021 made history by being the first-ever public event during the pandemic. Most of the attendees were Bitcoin maximalists – people who believe that Bitcoin rules the world of cryptocurrency, so buzzwords like Blockchain, NFT, BTD and token floated around.

The vibe of the event was electric. A sold-out crowd of 12,000 people spent two days sending their cryptocurrency from wallet to wallet, hugging and closing business and investment deals in between speeches and panels. The standard pass of the historical event cost $1499. However, the premium guests paid for a highly coveted “whale pass” – an orange bracelet representing individuals who own large sums of Bitcoin. The pass also granted access to an extra day comprising exclusive parties, a private area in the conventional hall, a free bar, and speaker sessions.

From people in funky casuals and Bitcoin-personalized t-shirts to businessmen dressed in standard Wall Street business casual, the crowd was a perfect mix for networking. Nic Carter, the founding partner at Castle Island Ventures, told CNBC in an interview, “Whether they were attendees or just in Miami for the events, it is the most institutional participation that I have ever seen in a Bitcoin conference.”

For people who weren’t Bitcoin geeks, the spectacular after parties were a real draw. From sumo wrestling matches to yacht parties with a Decentralized Finance theme, to NFT art gallery openings, social network building sessions on blockchain technology, and Bitclout-dedicated cocktail hours, thousands of people learned while having the time of their life. The list of renowned speakers included Tony Hawk, Jack Dorsey, Edward Snowden, Ron Paul, Michael Saylor, Nick Szabo, Ross Ulbricht, Elizabeth Stark, and many more.

The event brought the great city of Miami business as people planned to move here or at least have an additional office for their ventures, crypto-exchanges, and startups in the city of Miami. Even the mayor portrayed himself as a Bitcoin enthusiast. He announced that the administration of Miami is planning to accept tax payments in Bitcoin and will allow employees to withdraw their salaries in cryptocurrency as the city is planning to hold Bitcoin on its balance sheet as well.

Summing it all up, the success of the Bitcoin 2021 conference has been one for the history books. It didn’t only boost the value of the cryptocurrency, but it also made people realize that cryptocurrency is our future. David Bailey, the CEO of BTC Inc., said on the success of the event, “Bitcoin 2021 was extremely successful, bringing over 12,000 industry leaders and experts to Miami, where they spent an entire week celebrating the Bitcoin industry and enjoying all of the amazing food, art, and entertainment South Florida has to offer.” 

Al Capone’s Miami Beach Mansion Set To Be Demolished

Bitcoin Conference Miami
Credit: Sean Pavone

Bitcoin Conference 2022 | What to Expect?

After the success of the Bitcoin 2021 conference, people were eagerly awaiting the announcement for the following year’s conference. That’s when the organizer and CEO of BTC Inc., David Bailey, announced that, “The Miami Beach Convention Center is the perfect place to host next year’s Bitcoin Conference (2022). It will be better and bigger than ever, and we expect Bitcoin 2022 to be our most successful event yet.”

The Dates

Following the announcement, the Bitcoin 2022 Conference is expected to be held from April 6 to April 9, 2022. The upcoming conference will have an additional one-day festival named the Sound Money Fest; it is planned to celebrate the achievements of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin through art, music, and other forms of entertainment.

Similar to last year, the Bitcoin 2022 conference will commence with an Industry Day for Whale pass holders. It will be the day when the Bitcoin ecosystem converges with fintech, energy infrastructure, and legacy finance. The industry day will host around eighty speakers, four thousand companies, and six thousand global industry leaders, who will talk about the technical development of Bitcoin, institutional Bitcoin mining, and targeted networking tracks for institutional finance. Moreover, there will be a platform for the future Bitcoin startups to pitch their ideas to the global leaders at the end of the day.

Following this, the two consecutive days (April 7 and April 8) of the leading conferences will comprise multiple speaker and panel sessions by the top three hundred speakers in the world. The standard pass starts from $399, whereas the industry pass cost $899, and if you are only planning to attend the social events, the festival pass costs $99.


The premium passes, also known as the Whale Pass, are for the event’s most exclusive attendees. The pass grants VIP access to all conferences throughout the four-day event and luxurious facilities such as premium food, drinks, and exclusive matchmaking and networking opportunities with the top entrepreneurs of the world.  Moreover, the Bitcoin 2022 organizers are also planning to subsidize tickets for students and open-source Bitcoin contributors. However, more details on this are yet to come.

Who Is Expected to Attend?

With an estimated number of more than 35,000 attendees, a 100 artists, 3,000 organizations, 300 speakers, and 250 sponsors, the Bitcoin 2022 conference aims to bring all the founders, Bitcoin experts, C-suite executives, and newcomers together under one roof. William Talbert, CEO, and President of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau said, “The Bitcoin 2022 Conference adds to a great portfolio of signature events taking place in Miami Beach. The commitment of the organizers of moving the event to the Miami Beach Convention Center is proof positive that the significant investments made to the convention center have been worthwhile, and the economic impact of these events to our community cannot be overstated.”

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are undoubtedly the future of the world, so if you are looking for an event where you will get the chance to explore, learn, invest, and even become a billionaire one day, all while having fun, grab your tickets to the Bitcoin 2022 conference right away!

Al Capone And His Cadillac in Miami Beach

Al Capone was one of the most notorious and infamous gangsters in the history of America. He’s been played by both Tom Hardy and Robert De Niro. He is famous for defying the prohibition-era laws that were eventually repealed. His violence and his anger are still known to people today, but perhaps what is unknown is his fondness for Cadillacs. 

Al Capone and his Cadillac is a love affair that few would ever care to read up on. It’s well known that gangsters being men of power have always desired fast cars. However, Capone fashioned his Cadillac to be more than a getaway vehicle. He fashioned it to be a death-proof machine.

Al Capone and his Cadillac Avoided Assassination Attempts

In 1925, when Capon became the head of the Chicago outfit crime Syndicate, he was a constant target. Rival gangs organized assassination attempts from which he narrowly escaped many times. The most dangerous of these attempts was a 10-car drive-by shooting on at Cicero, Illinois.

It was at Al Capone’s favorite hangout. That’s when he knew he needed more protection than guns. He needed a vehicle that could protect him from the jaws of death. Enter the armored Cadillacs.

Al Capone’s 2 Armored Cadillacs

Al first upgraded his security to 2 different armored Cadillacs.

Al Capone and His Cadillac Model 341

The first was a 1928 Cadillac Model 341 Town sedan. This was a four-door, five-passenger car that was popular with Chicagoans. He had purchased it from someone called Emil Denemark, a relative of his by marriage. Emil owned a dealership and got Capone the Cadillac.

Al recruited a local mechanic named Ernest Capistran who made modifications that transformed the car into a rolling bunker.

These included:

1-inch bulletproof glass windows on the front, both sides, and the rear. The side windows could be cranked up so that a 2-inch air gap appears at the base of the window. This would provide enough room for one gunman to sweep a Thompson submachine gun. The rear window opened up as well. This allowed Al’s gunmen to take care of any vehicles which were following him.

2. The car was fitted with Steel plate armor on all the side doors.

3. A police siren was mounted under the hood. This flashed police lights which were mounted behind the grille. A regulation police radio was also hidden in the glove compartment.

4. The mechanic also made modifications to the V8 engine inside. This boosted the speed to 110 miles an hour.

5. The car also got a paint job which made it look incredibly different from the Chicago police cars of the time. Several of the police cars of the CPD were Cadillacs at the time. Hence, it was crucial that Al’s car could not be recognized as one of the police’s cars.

Al Capone and His Cadillac Series 452 Imperial Sedan

While Al was very happy with his 341, he felt that he needed another armored fortress for his protection. In 1930, he bought a Series 452 Imperial Sedan featuring a powerful 452 cubic inch V-16 engine. The car was fitted with bulletproof windows and small circular cutouts. The latter allowed gunfire from within.

The side doors of the vehicle included ¼ inch steel armor plating. Other accessories included a smokescreen and a slot cut into the floor. This allowed tire puncturing tracks or oil to be dropped to dispose of any car following Al Capone.

Of course, this Cadillac also included a police radio as well as the sirens and lights. The modifications cost $30,000. However, this Cadillac really didn’t do much for Al Capone since he was sent to prison before putting miles on it. So, Al Capone and his Cadillac have torn apart before he could really enjoy his modifications.

What Happened to Al Capone and His Cadillacs?

Most people don’t know the rest of the story about Al Capone and his Cadillac after his conviction. He served his 11-year sentence and then retired to his estate. He was diagnosed with syphilis of the brain and became increasingly paranoid. As for his Cadillacs, both of them had different fates.

Their history has been tracked by everything from newspapers references, IRS records, and accounts from private owners.

The 341 was left with a Chicago auto dealer where it was bought by Harry E. LaBreque who was a promoter. He shipped the car to Europe to serve as an attraction at an Amusement Park. During the next decades, the car repeatedly changed hands before it returned to the US in 1975. There it was used to promote the 1975 movie Capone starring Ben Gazarra.

 In 2013, the 341 Sedan sold for $341,000. This made it one of the priciest and most historically significant classic Cadillacs to ever be sold.

As for Al Capone and his Cadillac Imperial Sedan. It also survives. It is in a private collection and was impounded from Al’s Miami Beach vacation home by the FBI. It remained in US custody for many years. After that, private sales ensure that the Sedan was auctioned off for $309,000 in 2009.

Al Capone’s Cadillac Was Sold for $1 Million

That’s not the end of the story, however. In February of 2021, Al Capone and his Cadillac are still relevant. The first one of his armored fortresses was auctioned off just a few months ago for $1 million. In total, the car exists in impeccable conditions with 3000 pounds of armor plating. It also has a 4-speed manual transmission and a total of 1,111 miles logged in.

Richard Capstran, the son of the original mechanic who modified the car, testified to the car’s incredible modifications. He said his father, though unfamiliar with such modifications at the time, was forced by Capone to do what he needed.

Al Capone is one more gangster in a long line who tried to bend the world to his will. Today, his name remains, yet only infamously. His Cadillacs testify to the fact that it will stay that way.

Al Capone’s Miami Beach Mansion Set To Be Demolished

Mansions can sometimes have historical significance, a mix of sentiments attached to them, and a high price tag to boot. These glorious structures are not like your average homes adorned with a renovated patio and wooden deck, entering one is equivalent to entering a whole new world. You can even get lost in one if not accompanied by someone who is well versed with the structure.

And, what makes them even more glamorous is if they belong to famous personalities – gangsters to be specific. One such mansion located on Miami Beach belongs to the notorious gangster Al Capone. Priced at $15 million, it has recently been sold for $10.75 million this summer. And its new owners have an entirely new plan for what the future of this mansion is to be. 

The mansion is set to take on the wrecking ball in a matter of days. The historic label it has been cloaked with over the last few decades has not been sufficient enough to save it from crumbling to the ground. Why is this so? Well, read ahead to find out all the details.

Who Was Al Capone?

We are all well versed in the Prohibition era. It started with the onset of the 18th Amendment that put a clampdown on the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol during the roaring ’20s. There are numerous movies and documentaries made over it.

During this period Al Capone became a well-known figure. He was not just an American gangster but a businessman during this period of American history. He is often known by his nicknames Scarface and Big Al among others. His tenure as a crime boss and gangster however only lasted for a few years, 7 to be exact. At the age of 33, he found himself behind bars and died at the age of 47 from a heart attack. But, his Florida home remained.

What is interesting is that this mansion was where Al Capone planned and executed the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre from. This was an ambush on February 14th, 1929, where 7 members of Al Capone’s rival gang members were killed. This rival gang was headed by George Bugs Moran, another renowned Prohibition-era gangster in Chicago at that time. His members were killed by men dressed as police officers in a Chicago parking garage. The case till today remains unresolved.

The Mansion Details – From Then to Now

The mansion was initially bought by Al Capone for $40,000 in 1928. He took his last few breaths in the mansion and died there. But, that’s not all. He also spent over $200,000 on having a few adjustments made to the mansion such as adding searchlights, a gatehouse, and extending the boundaries by adding a 7-foot wall. For a gangster of his caliber, security and protection were vital. He spent most of his time hiding out in the mansion and plotting his next moves.

Originally listed around $15 million after several restoration projects, it was now sold for $10.75 million. The mansion has 9 magnificent bedrooms with a 59 x 29.5 ft. pool that was one of the largest private pools in the ’30s.

Demolition & And Future Plan

The developer, Todd Glaser, and owner Nelson Gonzalez have decided to demolish the mansion and replace it with a modern home that comes with a spa, sauna, and Jacuzzi. This new home is to have 8 bedrooms and bathrooms instead of 9.

The reason for doing so is because of the years of flood damage that have rendered the mansion uninhabitable and useless. The mansion also rests below sea level making it even more prone to weather-related damage. Todd Glaser has described it as a” disgrace” to Miami Beach. He has also torn down and replaced the property that belonged to the sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein as well.

While this has sparked a lot of debate on whether the mansion should be preserved or demolished, the decision has been set. The Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board has decided to contemplate the historic designation of the mansion on September 13th, but Todd Glaser has confirmed that the plans to demolish the mansion are to be executed as planned.

Al Capone’s Other Belongings

There is no doubt that Al Capone did not have other belongings and assets there were worth millions. From precious stones, gold, cars, and more, the items are now set to be auctioned by his family in Sacramento. His bulletproof 1928 Cadillac sedan for instance has been listed for over $1 million.

In total these amount to almost 175 belongings that are being auctioned off by Al Capone’s granddaughters in October this year. This is owing to the threat they are under because of the recent escalation in the severity and intensity of wildfires along the west coast. Thus, the family believes it is better to have them sold off and preserved, rather than have them burnt to ashes.

The Bottom Line

Al Capone’s heritage and assets left behind are a reminder of the peculiarities and fascination turn of events that took place during the Prohibition period. While most prefer having the items along with the mansion preserved for historic reasons, many seek to detach themselves from the notorious gang culture that engulfed the country and took over countless lives. For the latter celebrating and glorifying the remains of symbols that have a murderous reputation is not worth it.

All in all, the wrecking ball is set to take its course and demolish the mansion that once stood tall and fortified.

Miami Traditional Food – The Best Florida Has To Offer

Miami Traditional Food

Miami is an international city, home to various cultures and ethnicities. As a result, Miami is full of diverse cuisines, mixing traditional flavors with local ingredients. If there’s one thing Miami has mastered, it’s the creation of authentic meals that allow citizens to express their unique heritage. Below, Scott Cooper Miami lists the most famous foods in Miami and the best places to grab a bite!

Stone Crabs

The Florida stone crab is found in the western North Atlantic and has tender, low-fat meat. Stone crabs are a sustainable item, as harvesters remove a single claw from the animal, which grows back quickly. The top buyer of stone crabs is Joe’s Stone Crab, a restaurant in Miami Beach that opened in 1913. Soon after its opening, it became well-known for its stone crab dishes. Scott Cooper Miami says this is a must-see place.


Scott Cooper Miami Beach

Ceviche is a Latin American seafood dish marinated in citrus juices. The specific seafood included depends on what is available in the local area. Heat is not involved in the cooking of ceviche, and is often mixed in with onions, chiles, cilantro, tomatoes, and avocado. For the best ceviche, Scott Cooper Miami recommends Jaguar, a Latin American kitchen that serves a Ceviche Spoon Bar, where you can sample various ceviche flavors.

Fried Chicken & Waffles

Scott Cooper: Miami Traditional Food Fried Chicken

Scott Cooper: Miami Traditional Food – For those who love a combination of sweet and savory, fried chicken and waffles are the answer! This dish has become very popular in Miami, as both a foolproof hangover cure and a filling meal. It may sound like a strange combo, but trust us, it’s amazing! So what’s the best chicken and waffles combo in Miami? Scott Cooper Miami names Yardbird, a southern table and bar house using farm-fresh ingredients. Their chicken n’ watermelon n’ waffle dish is one of their most popular orders throughout the day. It includes a sweet honey hot sauce, spiced watermelon, cheddar cheese waffles, and bourbon maple syrup. Expensive, but worth it! Can’t make it to Miami? Yardbird also has homes in Los Angeles, Los Vegas, and Singapore.


Fritas - Scott Cooper: Miami Traditional Food

This dish brings a Cuban twist to traditional American burgers. Seasoned ground beef and pork patties are placed in a bun and stuffed with very finely chopped potatoes. Popular add-ons include fresh iceberg lettuce, onions, and spiced ketchup. Fritas are a popular dish in South Florida as there is a large Cuban community. Scott Cooper Miami’s favorite spot is El Mango de las Fritas, a small shop that serves various frita creations starting at $3.50. Even President Obama has eaten here! If it’s good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for you. Scott Cooper: Miami Traditional Food is a food aficionado, and will be continuing to provide you with valuable insights into Miami lifestyle & amenities.

Scott Cooper on Miami Dance Clubs

Scott Cooper on Miami Dance Clubs

Miami is known for having a wild nightlife that puts every other city to shame. With celebrity appearances, legendary DJs, and the beautiful outdoor environment, Miami nightclubs are the perfect place to dance the night away. Below: Scott Cooper on Miami dance clubs, and his favorite nightclub spots for a guaranteed amazing night out.

Club Space

This space is a beautiful indoor and outdoor venue that is known for its constant hosting of up and coming DJs. With multiple floors and rooms, anyone who loves night clubs will find what they are looking for. Techno, rap, EDM, you name it, Club Space plays it all. Some even call it the best techno club in the United States. Scott Cooper Miami says this is a great place for people looking to party well into the morning.

El Tucan Nightclub
scott cooper on miami dance clubs, el toucan
This beautiful venue is much more than just a traditional nightclub. It`s sultry decor allows El Tucan to transform from a cabaret dinner show early in the night, to a modern latin dance club. Located on Brickell near Downtown Miami, Scott Cooper Miami calls it a must-visit spot, whether you want some entertainment or a late night out. El Tucan frequently hosts well known Djs, including Rick Ross, DJ Irie, and Willy Monfret.

If you want a one of a kind nightlife experience, this is the place to come. BASEMENT is home to a nightclub, bowling alley, and skating rink. Their state-of-the-art sound system pumps music throughout the various rooms, along with an intricate lighting system. It’s a hot spot for many celebrities, including Hailey Baldwin, Diplo, Demi Lovato, and Teyana Taylor.

Scott Cooper Miami Dance Club Basement

Scott Cooper: Best Nightlife Spots In Miami

If you’re looking for a party in Miami, you don’t have to look very far. Miami is world renowned for its sunny beaches along with its nightlife culture, and many people flock here exactly for these reasons. Scott Cooper Miami is your virtual tour guide, helping you get the most out of Miami’s nightlife.

Whether you are visiting for a celebration or you are a local looking for something new, Miami has plenty to offer after the sun sets. There is no shortage of nightclubs of all types, from techno to Latin and so much more. Whatever your scene, Miami has something to offer you. With more than 10 million tourists annually, generating over 60% of the area’s economic activity, Miami is one of the greatest tourism cities in the world. It’s no wonder that Miami has been dubbed the ‘magic’ city!

What makes Miami stand out as one of the greatest party cities?

Did you know that most nightclubs in Miami serve alcohol until 5am? It’s reasons like this that Miami has a reputation as a party city. “When it comes to the nightlife in Miami, be prepared to have your expectations shattered,” says Scott Cooper Miami, “no one does it quite like Miami!”

If you’re looking to party head over to South Beach, where most of the city’s mega-clubs are located, including Story, Rockwell, Do Not Sit on the Furniture, and LIV.

The state of the art venues of these massive clubs are some of the worlds greatest places to let loose. They regularly use top of the line sound systems, lighting and visuals, in addition to frequently hosting top musicians from all around the world. That’s right, Miami knows how to party!

Scott Cooper Miami Nightlife

Party scene not your thing? Scott Cooper has you covered.

There is no shortage of things to do after the sun goes down, many of which are laid back and relaxing. Scott Cooper Miami recommends taking a scenic cruise at night through the city to take in the many sights and sounds of Miami at dusk. If you really want to soak in the scenery, try taking one of the city’s many tourism cruise lines.

No need to limit yourself to the city streets as there are a variety of ways to go sightseeing. Bus tours, boat cruises, planes, and helicopters are all options to see the city light up at night.

Have an eye for the arts? Miami has a booming art community which offers a plethora of galleries, many of which hold events in the evening. Try checking out Fredric Snitzer Gallery, David Castillo Gallery, Spinello Projects, Locust Projects and 6th Street Container. If you love live theatre consider taking a night out to enjoy one of Miami’s many theatres for performing arts, such as Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, New World Center, Gablestage, Broward Center for the Performing Arts and Actors Playhouse.

If you’re a foodie, try mixing up your dining experience with dinner and live music at A Fish Called Avalon, Ball & Chain, Bunbury Miami, Lagniappe House or Neme Gastro Bar.