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Al Capone And His Cadillac in Miami Beach

Al Capone and his Cadillac

Al Capone was one of the most notorious and infamous gangsters in the history of America. He’s been played by both Tom Hardy and Robert De Niro. He is famous for defying the prohibition-era laws that were eventually repealed. His violence and his anger are still known to people today, but perhaps what is unknown […]

Al Capone’s Miami Beach Mansion Set To Be Demolished

Al Capone Miami Beach

Mansions can sometimes have historical significance, a mix of sentiments attached to them, and a high price tag to boot. These glorious structures are not like your average homes adorned with a renovated patio and wooden deck, entering one is equivalent to entering a whole new world. You can even get lost in one if […]

Scott Cooper on Miami Dance Clubs

scott cooper on miami nightclub

Scott Cooper on Miami Dance Clubs Miami is known for having a wild nightlife that puts every other city to shame. With celebrity appearances, legendary DJs, and the beautiful outdoor environment, Miami nightclubs are the perfect place to dance the night away. Below: Scott Cooper on Miami dance clubs, and his favorite nightclub spots for […]

Scott Cooper: Best Nightlife Spots In Miami

Scott cooper miami night life

If you’re looking for a party in Miami, you don’t have to look very far. Miami is world renowned for its sunny beaches along with its nightlife culture, and many people flock here exactly for these reasons. Scott Cooper Miami is your virtual tour guide, helping you get the most out of Miami’s nightlife. Whether […]

Scott Cooper Miami: Miami’s Hottest Restaurants

Scott Cooper Miami Beach Food

Get a taste of Miami’s vibrant and diverse food culture, as Scott Cooper Miami takes you for a stroll through some of the city’s best restaurants. In this blog we will be exploring the many types of dining in Miami, from hidden local gems to waterfront dining, international options and everything in between. As you […]

Scott Cooper Miami Beach Mini Cooper

Scott Cooper Miami Beach

Scott Cooper Miami Beach Mini Cooper The history of the MINI Cooper has been one that has seen the Model rise from a racing car variation on Mini origins, through to being among the most iconic vehicles of the 1960s. More recently, the MINI Cooper has formed part of BMW’s takeover and relaunch of the […]